Hey guys, The Krazy Stew here!


Today, I'm in a predicament. I have a vague backstory set for some of my characters, but I need to become more specific. And what better way to make the backstory of roleplay characters than through roleplaying?

I currently have two loocations open for hire in a FNaF-esque scenario: Krazy's Playplace & Pizza, and Loko & Loka's World Tour. If you wish for a job in either of these locations, let me know in the comments, and which building you would like to work at.

(Note that these two locations are not open at the same time, canon-wise - Loko & Loka's closed before Krazy's opened.)


  • Don't leave your post during your shift. It's safer than trying to leave in the middle of the night - not that you'd be in any danger, of course.
  • Don't bring harm to the animatronic characters. Your job as the watchperson is to protect them.
  • You are allowed to play as yourself or one of your characters, as long as you don't break the other rules (including the Wiki rules), and you are able to supply some information about the character if you are playing as one. (You don't have to give info if you're playing as yourself for obvious reasons.)
  • You are still allowed to work at one of the buildings even if you see someone already asked for it.

Employees of the Week

This section is to show those who have been hired so far.

  • Iris Knightely (controlled by user AwesomeTrinket) - Krazy's Playplace & Pizza (On Different Wiki)
  • Rose Wolfe (controlled by user Mephistophele) - Loko & Loka's World Tour (On Different Wiki)
  • Melodie (controlled by user TheAnonymousA) - Loko & Loka's World Tour

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