I know this is late, I had exams and projects and such stuff. But anyway, on to the story of how Krazy joined the Kingdom!

It was cold. Cold and dark. Then again, if there was light, it usually heralded doom. At least, that was what the citizens of fridgeville had come to know. Everytime the Great Door opened, the Great Light switched on, and the Great Being took away another citizen to be eaten.

The Great being was a scientist who was researching atomic level hybridization techniques. He had invented a device which would instantly hybridize any two objects, and it was now in his pocket, insignificant compared to his hunger. He craved cheese, like how a zombie would crave brains.

The citizens of fridgeville all shrank a little, for the Great Door had opened again and the Great Light was shining in all its brightness as the Great Hand looked over them. They shivered, partly because of the cold and partly because of the fear. The hand settled on a piece of cheddar cheese on the top shelf, and pulled it out.

However, true act of bending down pressed the Great Being's tight coat onto his pocket, accidentally activating the hybridizer.

There was a moment of pure darkness, the black which existed before the universe, and then where the Great Being had been, a yellow cubical human stepped out. It was a hybrid of cheddar cheese blocks and a human body. In its mind, a war was being saved between the consciousness of the cheese and that of the Great Being. The cheese's remained nonchalant while the Great Being's exhausted itself by sending complicated formulas at its opponent. In the end, the cheese won. Its first act was to free all the citizens of fridgeville, who rejoiced and had a party. The god of food was so pleased that he gave the hybrid a name, Krazy, and sent him to The Kingdom Of Fun as a special reward.


So that's the story of how Krazy joined the Kingdom! I only need to finish two more introductions now, myself and the Kingdom. I'm not going to make any promises about when though, because we know what always happens! :P

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