Delayed by exams and school, this story is finally being posted here. Read on to know how AWB entered the Kingdom.

Tap tap tap tap tap...

The staccato beat of the keyboard keys was the only sound in the room. The typer was sitting in front of a computer, his eyes quickly scanning the words he had written, searching for any small grammatical errors. Seeing none, he leaned back, satisfied, and pressed the Publish button. His most recent musings had now been published on his blog, Chat log. Only now, turning back, did he realise that he had an exam that day and he hadn't studied at all! He quickly picked up his books and skimmed through them, rusrushing to school at the same time.

A few hours later...

He threw his books onto the table and collapsed into the chair. The exam had been a complete fiasco, with him writing so fast he felt his hand was on fire. Checking his blog, he noticed a new comment on his latest post. It simply said: 'These are so thoughtful! If you would like to leave everything else behind and start again, click this.' Next to the comment was a button. Remembering the exam, the boy clicked the button. His eyes were subjected to an intense white flash, and when he opened them, he was no longer in his home. He was in a mansion, and noticed some scrolls and a peacock feather quill lying on an ornately carved wooden table. He looked around him and felt the happiest he had ever felt. He could write down his chat logs here in total peace! Looking out the window, he noticed a castle in the far distance. He made a mental note to visit it someday.

Sorry if this story is a bit lackluster, but my exams leave me with little free time in which to write these stories. I will try to publish the introduction to Krazy this weekend.

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