So, I often 'write' these small paragraphs in my mind about the Kingdom of Fun when I'm bored, and I actually have enough to construct a map of the kingdom. However, that's probably for another blog post. Right now, here's one I made for New Year.

The friends stood on the crystal floor of the Grand palace's balcony, watching the celebrations all over the kingdom bending the golden rails. There was the Queen and the ruler of the kingdom, Pinkalina, along with some of her friends, Krazy, a Paxadoran who had found his way to the kingdom, AWikiBoy, a small yet wonderful Iceberg Lettuce, and TheAnonymousA, the royal poet. Melodie, who was standing at a side, started singing.

"Once upon a time,

When 2016 came to an end,

A group of friends

Gathered to save it goodbye.

One was a magician, a royal queen,

One was a Paxadoran who was yellow as cheese,

One was a plant, who made things freeze

And the last was a poet, and none of them were mean.

This is how New Year went on 

At the Kingdom of Fun,

And I hope your New Year

Is as merry as ours."

As the final note of her song was sung, the clock struck 12 and the new year arrived.

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