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  • I live in The Sky
  • I was born on March 8
  • My occupation is To fall down gently
  • I am Delicate
  • TheAnonymousA

    One of my friends suggested that I make tunes for my songs. I started with one for one of my earlier poems, bit the tune quickly separated from the flow of the poem and turned into an unique song. I tweaked it a bit, and the result was a joyful song which I thought perfectly captured the spirit of our kingdom! You can listen to it beneath this sentence.

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  • TheAnonymousA

    I know this is late, I had exams and projects and such stuff. But anyway, on to the story of how Krazy joined the Kingdom!

    It was cold. Cold and dark. Then again, if there was light, it usually heralded doom. At least, that was what the citizens of fridgeville had come to know. Everytime the Great Door opened, the Great Light switched on, and the Great Being took away another citizen to be eaten.

    The Great being was a scientist who was researching atomic level hybridization techniques. He had invented a device which would instantly hybridize any two objects, and it was now in his pocket, insignificant compared to his hunger. He craved cheese, like how a zombie would crave brains.

    The citizens of fridgeville all shrank a little, for the Great …

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  • TheAnonymousA

    Delayed by exams and school, this story is finally being posted here. Read on to know how AWB entered the Kingdom.

    Tap tap tap tap tap...

    The staccato beat of the keyboard keys was the only sound in the room. The typer was sitting in front of a computer, his eyes quickly scanning the words he had written, searching for any small grammatical errors. Seeing none, he leaned back, satisfied, and pressed the Publish button. His most recent musings had now been published on his blog, Chat log. Only now, turning back, did he realise that he had an exam that day and he hadn't studied at all! He quickly picked up his books and skimmed through them, rusrushing to school at the same time.

    A few hours later...

    He threw his books onto the table and collapse…

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  • TheAnonymousA

    So following up on yesterday's post, I'm going to start posting these short stories about life in the Kingdom of Fun. Part 1 is about introducing the main characters and how they arrived in the Kingdom. Ths story is about Pinkalina, the Queen who started it all.

    Pinkalina sighed as she looked at all her homework left to do. Sometimes it felt like the purpose of life was to do homework and not to have fun. Glumly picking up her pen, she made a silent wish in her mind that she might live somewhere where the only thing to do was have fun with friends. As she was writing a long essay on an ancient war, a tiny sparkle at the window caught her eye. She turned towards the window and saw a fountain of pink glitter coming from somewhere under her wi…

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  • TheAnonymousA

    The Kingdom's new year

    December 31, 2016 by TheAnonymousA

    So, I often 'write' these small paragraphs in my mind about the Kingdom of Fun when I'm bored, and I actually have enough to construct a map of the kingdom. However, that's probably for another blog post. Right now, here's one I made for New Year.

    The friends stood on the crystal floor of the Grand palace's balcony, watching the celebrations all over the kingdom bending the golden rails. There was the Queen and the ruler of the kingdom, Pinkalina, along with some of her friends, Krazy, a Paxadoran who had found his way to the kingdom, AWikiBoy, a small yet wonderful Iceberg Lettuce, and TheAnonymousA, the royal poet. Melodie, who was standing at a side, started singing.

    "Once upon a time,

    When 2016 came to an end,

    A group of friends

    Gathered to…

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