This is just a simple FAQ in case anyone wants to know more about me.

What's your real name? Alex.
What's your real age? Only to people I trust I share my real age to.
What about your gender? Agender.
Your REAL gender? Agender.

What are your preferred pronouns? They/them or ey/em, however, you can call me by he/she/they/etc. It doesn't really bother me. Though, I really prefer they/them more.

What's your sexual orientation? Gray-A or Demi-Gray, not sure yet.

What's that? Check it.

Are you in a relationship? Yes.

Who? Rainbowsmash34, not sure if he's on this wiki.

Are you polyamourous? Well, yes and no—It's kind of hard to explain. I'm not even sure myself.
Where are you from? Northern Alabama.
City? No.
What are your roots? Dutch and Belgian.
What's your race? Caucasian and my nationality percentage (to be exact because I'm just difficult like that) is 85% American, 25% Dutch (Most of my father's family past my grandfather is Dutch)
Are you learning any other languages? Dutch and maybe one day I'll start learning to Malay too.
What's your favourite subject(s) in school? Science, Math, Technology, Robotics
Do you have any siblings? I have an older brother.
Do you have any pets? I have two guinea pigs named Petra and Ruckus.
Do you watch any shows? Not really.
Do you roleplay? Yeah! I normally roleplay FNAF though...
Are you a brony? Mhm.
Who's your favourite pony? RainbowDash, AppleJack, or PinkiePie.
Do you have any pony OC's? Well, yes... I might post a page about them.
What are your hobbies? Drawing, singing, acting, writing, building/coding robots.

You draw?! Yes.
Do you do requests? Normally if you're a close friend of mine, but don't be afraid to ask me either ways.

Wanna be friends? Sure!

Any changes will be done if felt as necessary.

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