Hi k high guardian devi here! 

Since it's the spookier time of year, I'm recommending some spookier Fandoms if you want! 

Obviously, there's fnaf. If you want to go for spooky over scary, I'd recommend the first game. 

Next, coming in would be slender man. I'm sure everyone knows thus, but the story behind it is spooky! 

Another is portal. A puzzle game that is fantastic! 

One more, I'd recommend homestuck. Although, I'm going to be careful with this one, because it is more mature than the other titles. I wouldn't reck m end it for audiences under 13, mainly because the characters tend to swear and mention stuff. However, buy the time you get near the end of at five, act two, you will be veiled out by one work. 

HoNk! :O)

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