Since everyone seems to be doing it, here you go! But I won't be outing my age in here because that is somewhat more personal information in my opinion. 

Real name: Joan :3

Gender: female

Species: human! :p

Location: America

Spoken languages: mandarin Chinese, English, German, Hawaiian (barely)

Favorite subject: lunch! Just kidding, economics, orchestra, and art. 

Eye color: grey blue

Favorite color: white, orange

Favorite soft drink: Faygo

Favorite drink: ; water, frozen lemonade

Favorite Web comic: Paradox Space

Favorite game: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky

Favorite game genre: Adventure RPG with an equal focus on gaming and storyline

Favorite songs: Temporal Shenanigans, Ugly Story, Noticed, Balloons, which ate all found in the Internet via YouTube. 

Favorite TV show: uh, either Ouran high school host club, My little pony:friendship is magic, warriors:into the wind (YouTube animation), or or Hetalia. 


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