Hello everyone! (wave1) This is my first blog in this wiki. If you are interested, feel free to keep reading.

Yesterday (December 12, 2015), I attended this program in our school called "Bata Bata Treat Kita". Before I got there, I was walking along the overpass, which is the cemented bridge that hangs over a road, I ran into this old man begging for alms by the stairs. Out of pity, I decided to give him the juice drink (that hasn't been opened yet) that I brought with me.

When I arrived at school, the program already started but I still made it anyway. The program consists of 149 unfortunate children (Supposedly 150, but one child did not attend) as well as the teachers of the school, some parents and even some of us students who attended. There were like singing, dancing, a puppet show, coloring, games, and there were food, raffles, and take-home gifts for the children. So yeah. The program is sort of like a party. The volunteers (students, teachers, etc.) of course also had food to eat.

During the entire time, I was able to grab the opportunity to help the children by distributing food, assisting them with what they need and even more. I also volunteered to clean up the mess in the program made in the program. By the end of program, I left the school happy and bearing a good feeling of having to extend help to others.

It seems that I cannot forget this day. I mean, all the true things I learned about Christmas are right. Christmas is not just about receiving your presents from others, Christmas Eve feasts we have with our families and friends or even the Christmas decorations but it's all about giving. When I gave the poor old man my juice drink, I pondered to myself when was the last time he drank something. I often imagine the state of those people stuck in poverty and those longing to receive the comforts and good things in life but just can't get them. Poverty rises each and every year. Besides, why not take the opportunity and time to give something to others? It doesn't always have to be material things because you can give tangible things like your time, love and even your care!

So <insert name here>, what is Christmas to you?

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