• HyperactiveDorito

    My friends

    September 20, 2015 by HyperactiveDorito

    gotta update dis everyday

    User:FrankTheDetective - My first friend around Wikia.

    User:KewlPie22 - shes a sweet friend and loves to rp

    User:MarcusSanchez - a awesome roleplay friend!

    User:Manglytyg - a nice caring friend.

    User:Pinkgirl234 - who does not love the founder of this beautiful kingdom?

    User:AnimatronicHurricane - hurricane lovah

    User:OctolingX - met this at LMR.

    i will miss them :(

    User:TehPurpleGuy/User:MemeMaster12 - Died of suicide in September 16 2015

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