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  • I live in a dimension that's name cannot be pronounced in any human language
  • I am Ungender
  • DB511611

    Making an RPG

    June 4, 2015 by DB511611

    I am creating an RPG and I need help with many things if you'd like to contribute.

    It's about a type of slime used as a power source for all things and the villain wants to use this slime to create robots that will bring upon a new world order.

    If you have any characters or character designs you can tell me and/or show me some of them if you'd like.

    If you have ideas you'd like to add onto the story, feel free to let me know them.

    If you have done sprite work in the past or have any experience with sprite work you could make some character sprites, item sprites or any other sprites I might need.

    I do hope you will contribute but if you don't want to that is fine also.

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