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  • Name: Krazy-Stew
  • Appearance: Looks like an average human teen in a texedo and a red bowtie, and often wears a black fedora while out of Paxadora; However, on Paxadora, he instead wears his Krown of Kraziness.
  • Prime Variant Number: 54
  • Current Variant Number: 58
  • Shadow Variant(s): Shadow Krazy
  • Pure-Blooded or Human-Borne: Human-Borne
  • Personality: Krazy-Stew follows his beliefs he had as a human, being that of a Christian, and he takes them to heart, being the kind of guy to hate death but not the killer. He is kind, and would rather get shot than say a cuss word.


  • Name: Kurraka
  • Appearance: Short teenage boy with short back and sides haircut, wears a lab coat with a white shirt and black trousers underneath.
  • Prime Variant Number: 5
  • Current Variant Number: 63
  • Shadow Variant(s): Kurraka has many Shadow Variants, but the first Shadow Variant that was formed was Lost.
  • Personality: Kurraka has always been curious about the mechanics of variants, and there limits, thus he created the 'Blue Moon Research Facility' where he puts his variants through many tests knowing that they have a similar personality, they're naturally curious about the experiment and try and make there way through it, if he gets bored of the experiment he simply puts the variant back it's the cryogenic pod, and awaits it's next test. Kurraka honestly believes what he's doing is fine, and doesn't really care about his variants at all. Kurraka is rather socially awkward like in the events of meeting someone new he may seem rude and ignorant, asking many personal questions, until the inevitable happens and the person gets angry, he then knows there limits and can talk to them freely knowing when to stop.