This series of stories, The One (series), is still in development, so don't edit it without Krazy-Stew's permission. If you should dare tamper with this page without it, you'll be left to the mercy of Cidolfus.


The One is a series of stories in development by Krazy-Stew. Each of Krazy-Stew's characters will have their own uniquely-titled story in the "The One" series by the time it is finished.

Veterans' Series

The Veterans' Series is to introduce new users to the classic nine characters of Krazy-Stew.

Story I: Krazy's Story


Story II: Kevin's Story


Story III: Widy's Story


Story IV: Toy Krazy's Story


Story V: Shadow Krazy's Story


Story VI: Randall's Story


Story VII: Krazzo's Story


Story VIII: K's Story


Story IX: Malachite's Story


Newcomers' Series

The Newcomers' Series is dedicated to introducing new characters to all users in the form of stories revolving around the character.

Story I: Loka's Story

Main article: Loka's Story

In this story, which takes place a few months after "Loko y Loka's" goes out of business, Loka searches for Loko, who she thought had escaped with her to avoid being scrapped.

Story II: ???'s Story


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