It was Mr. Serbia's class. Arolisha, at the corner of the classroom was just sitting on her chair , staring at a blank intermediate paper. She didn't find Mr. Serbia's boring Amarillo Texas Panhandle War discussions persuasive. She was just day dreaming about pointless things- unicorns trekking in the Milky Way and other stuff fantasy always offers. Suddenly , something whispered on her ears. she grabbed a pen and wrote the things the strange whisper said. One. Coordinates , 33.7490° N, 84.3880° W. Date 10216. Two. Coordinates 40.9009° N, 80.8568° W. Date 10216. Soon , it was dismissal and when Arolisha pulled out the paper at home. She opened her computer , opened an online program named GPS Coordinates, and started typing the coordinates.

She realized something.

The first coordinate is the GPS coordinate of Atlanta , Georgia. The second was Salem , Ohio. And the dates? Something will occur in those two cities this night because today was October 2 2016 and 10216 is referring to that date , and she ran to open the television. She gasped when she opened the news channel. It said two planes crashed on Atlanta and Ohio!

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