Loosely based off the Percy Jackson book series are the quest of the Chaos Clan collaborations.

Story summary:

Since the time of Ancient Greece the Greek primordial being of chaos has sired new life by intermixing with gods and Titans. These offspring are anthropomorphic humanoids based off of animals, of the following species, birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, insects, marsupials, and aquatic marine life. Seeking refuge from Greek heroes of the modern day and from roman demigods, the group that has become known as the chaos clan has settled in Miami Florida at a place where they can seek refuge. Just like camp half blood, campos de chaos, is a safe haven for all members who mother or father was chaos. Here they can bond, have children mingle or just be friendly in peace.

You get to be on of them. You get to migrate across the world to come here, whether supported by your godly mother or father or not, you must make the journey to come here. Find your brethren along the way, fight monsters, hunters of Artemis, amazons and more.

Rules: you have to be an anthro, you have to have art of your anthro. It does not have to be your art. Your post need to be detailed and well written. No texting styled posts. Unless if in direct conversation. Have fun, I hope to see a lot of you on here.

If if you have not read Percy Jackson, or heros of Olympus, do not worry, our work is with anthros and less on demigods.