Marslord is an original roleplay that was created by a user with the same word in their name, Marslord Caspie. It was also co-hosted by Zynical (previous account was General Phychodash) and Phoenix3468. The roleplay was created and held out on one of many chatzy rooms (which is long gone by now).


On the planets Dustion and Levnar, a struggle for a new planet emerges. Their struggles on their current planets worsen until an informant informs both planets of a new planet discovered, M.A.R.S. Relieved, both planets rulers (Lord Caspie and Unknown Control Figure) rush on their ships to set off for the new planet.

On the way, the members of the Dustion Ship misland on many different planets and places. The most notable being the Mecha Realm, due to it having the power to view any other planets in existence anywhere.

While in the Mecha Realm, Lord Caspie and the ship captain, Peter Gui, notice a creature that looks like it came from Dustion, but with extinct features. Peter goes to greet and question the creature, who reveals her name is Comet and she came from M.A.R.S.

Happy about the information, Peter asks if she would like a ride back to M.A.R.S on their ship, and she luckily and happily agrees, explaining she has been stuck in the Mecha Realm for awhile. While aboard the ship, Comet asks Peter if, since they are going to M.A.R.S, if they could arrive at her birthplace, or rather origin. Before Peter can reply, Lord Caspie answers her question with a yes, making her even happier.

The ship finally arrives at the Lowground, Comet's origin. Peter, with the ship's escort Savannah Marsch, asks how it was her origin. Comet explains that she wasn't born, and rather made by scientists trying to make creatures that could take over every planet someday.

Frightened by the information, Dustion's Ship crew decide to leave Comet so she can happily return home. However, they get aboard ready to track down the Levnar Ship, so they can inform them that M.A.R.S may be dangerous. Unfortunately, the crew finds that they have already landed on the planet, and overthrown the ruler. Which means alot, because now their galaxies, and M.A.R.S' future, is unknown.


Marslord Caspie- Lord Caspie, Quinn Muse.
Zynical- Peter Gui.
Phoenix3468- Antonio DeYaven.

The rest of the users who roleplayed do not have wikia accounts, or are possibly not included for some other reason.


  • There is an official wiki made with more information about the roleplay.
    • There is also a wiki in the process of being made with information on a sequel to the first Marslord roleplay.
  • The sequel roleplay might possibly take place somewhere on wikia rather than chatzy.
  • The sequel roleplay's name is decided to be Project M.A.R.S.
  • Due to wikia being a bigger community, the second roleplay may have more characters.