The following information below dictates the requirements for a user to become part of the local staff members in this wiki:

Click on any of the tabber sections to view the different sets of information in about the requirements for the local staff members.

  • The user must have made more than one mainspace article that is 300 bytes or more.
  • The user must have made more than one mainspace article that is complete or not work-in-progress no matter how long or short the articles are.
    • The good part in here does not measure on how many comments a user gets in his/her pages or how "impressive" it looks to other people. We, however, would have to consider the layout and format in the way the user writes his/her articles.
  • The user must not have any single wiki block or chat ban on record.
    • Keep in mind that this does not count any accidental, cancelled or false wiki blocks or chat bans.
  • The user must not be found to have a record of a current permanent block or permanent chat ban from another wiki or more.
    • Most of the time, we don't need to browse any information about the user in other wikis for any current permanent blocks or permanent chat bans but if we manage to find out though, there is no other choice but the user must not be promoted.

  • For the aftermath, please see the following information about User Promotion in this project page.

  • Since we don't have much users in our wiki community, there would be no voting on promotion of users. For now.

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