Hi this page of The characters seen from my FNAF Stories, and a short Bio on each of them. I am always adding more so this is a WIP.

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Alexis is vixen animatronic initially designed for Pirate cove to accompany Foxy as a replacement for the Human who intially played his first mate. She is introduced along with foxy on Night 2 making her run to the the office down the east hall. Unlike foxy she is far less torn up as she lacks a hook. But wears the same eyepatch. She is slightly shorter than foxy and but don't let her size fool you, her teeth and claws are razor sharp. Which she sharpens on the walls.


Seth Storm

Originally human and first mate to Foxy during his time performing with another animatronic by the name of Keliqoi. Seth's original purpose was to be eaten by Keliqoi so that Foxy could encourage the audience to become his crew to replace him. Unfortunately in an upgrade for Keliqoi, his final performance crushed him when Keliqoi's jaws snapped close to early before he could roll to safety, crushing him.

Since that time he has been reintroduced as a Salamander animatronic that is both stretchy and crawl on walls and the ceiling, like Mangle. But like BB he is the only animatronic that does not hurt night guards in fact his purpose is to add a comical relief in the night as he crawls into your office on the ceiling and his tail hangs down which you can pull making him fall onto your desk before rolling off onto the floor with a distinctive squeak.

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