Don't Worry Mother is a poem created by Pinkgirl234. The poem talks about a child telling his/her mother not to worry about him/her, and the reasons are stated in the poem itself.


Pinkgirl234 started writing this poem during the time when it was required by her English teacher to make a dummy newspaper as their group project in school. And to create a dummy newspaper, they needed tons of articles, so this poem was one of the newspaper articles. Pinkgirl234 also created this poem out of showing of appreciation and love to her mother.


Don't Worry, Mother


While you're at home or at work

Your thoughts begin to lurk

And you have numerous questions in mind

There are answers you want to find

"Did my son eat?" You would ask

Or "Has she done the household tasks?"

You may wonder if I got a cough or cold

While you think of these, you try to be bold

Don't worry, my mother so dear

While I am alive, I will be here

To do what you tell me to do

And to prove I am always there for you

Yes, sometimes I make mistakes

But I'll try my best for your sake

You've done a lot for me

So I'll try to be the best child I can be