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It appears that I have landed somewhere in the vicinity of a rather small lake.
~ Caspore, on his surroundings.
Caspore is a highly intelligent mushroom kangaroo thing.


Caspore happens to be a strange kangaroo-esque creature wearing a mushroom cap. The cap appears to have a small chunk removed rather forcefully from it. He is rather chubby with large legs. Despite having seemingly small arms, Caspore is actually capable of stretching them.

A ton of Information

Caspore photosynthesizes instead of eating. The reason for his mouth is unknown, but he is very capable of speaking Shiitake fluently. Armed with strong legs and pincers, Caspore is a very capable close combat fighter. In addition, Caspore's tail ends in rather large knobs capable of causing severe harm to anyone hit. While no one knows for sure how smart he is, it can be inferred that he is very very smart due to his use of sophisticated language in almost every sentence. Alas, despite his massive intellect, he lacks common sense at times.


Caspore is quite cheerful, although lacks an understanding of emotions. He can appear somewhat insensitive when trying to be amusing. Caspore is quick to defend those who cannot defend themselves and absolutely detests cruel and evil intentions. Despite all this, Caspore sometimes disregards ethics in favor of more logical approaches. When this happens, he starts to appear cold.

Equipment, Abilities, and Skills


  • Tent: It is an easy-to-use and portable tent.


  • Teleportation: No one is quite sure how Caspore is capable of defying physics, but some claim it involved a stapler.
  • Spore: Caspore can put enemies to sleep with spores.


  • Melee Combat: Caspore is an accomplished fighter due to his wide array of naturally developed battle gear.
  • Intelligence: Caspore's intelligence can be put to many uses.


  • Fire: Being a carbon-based lifeform, Caspore is extremely susceptible to fire.
  • Areas with no sun: As his main form of sustenance is from the sun, Caspore is extremely weakened when his access is cut off.
  • Logic: Caspore is easily confounded by logical fallacies and paradoxes and becomes distracted while trying to solve them.
  • Complete disregard of ethics: As previously mentioned, Caspore's mind occassionally shuts out morals.
  • Intelligence: Caspore sometimes overthinks problems.


Early Childhood

Although no one is certain, experts in biology believe that Caspore hatched from an egg. At some point, he metamorphosed.




  • His name is a portmanteau of "Casper" and "spore."
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